buy the farm

buy the farm
pass from physical life and lose all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain life

She died from cancer


The children perished in the fire


The patient went peacefully


The old guy kicked the bucket at the age of 102

Ant: ↑be born (for: ↑die)
See Also: ↑die out (for: ↑die), ↑die off (for: ↑die), ↑die down (for: ↑die)
Derivationally related forms:
passing (for: ↑pass), ↑expiration (for: ↑expire), ↑exit (for: ↑exit), ↑going (for: ↑go), ↑decedent (for: ↑decease), ↑decease (for: ↑decease), ↑death (for: ↑die), ↑Death (for: ↑die)
Hypernyms: ↑change state, ↑turn
abort, ↑suffocate, ↑stifle, ↑asphyxiate, ↑buy it, ↑pip out, ↑drown, ↑predecease, ↑starve, ↑famish, ↑fall, ↑succumb, ↑yield
Verb Group:
die, ↑fail, ↑go bad, ↑give way, ↑give out, ↑conk out, ↑go, ↑break, ↑break down
Verb Frames:

Somebody ——s

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: to get killed : die

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buy the farm (US sl)
To die
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Main Entry:farm

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I refused to admit to my recklessness, even when I nearly bought the farm

see buy

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buy the farm — see buy, 1
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Main Entry:farm

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buy the ˈfarm idiom
(NAmE, informal) to die
Main entry:buyidiom

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